Auto 5-1 Five Gas Emission Analyzers

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Auto 5-1 : Five Gas Emission Analyzers

The Auto 5-1 is a truly portable exhaust gas analyzer that sets new standards of convenience and ease of use. It fits comfortably in one hand and can run for up to four hours on its internal re-chargeable battery.

Programmable four or eight line backlit display shows measurements in real time. The Auto 5-1 is made for additional uses which include engine fault diagnosis and tune-up verification. Integral flow checking provides warning of probe or filter blockages.

The calibration procedure allows the unit to be calibrated using standard automotive test gases.


Carbon Monoxide (CO)               0-5%

Hydrocarbons (HC)                     0-2000 ppm

Carbon Dioxide (CO2)                 0-16%

Oxygen (O2)                              0-21%

Nitric Oxide (NOX)                      0-5000 ppm

Lambda                                   0.8-1.2

AFR                                         11.76-17.64

Sensor Response time                15 second

Pre-Programmed fuels                Gasoline, LPG and CNG

Analyzer battery run time           >4 hours from full charge with pump running


Download : Auto 5-1

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