ATMF 8000:Gas Meter (Mass Flow Meter)

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ผู้ผลิตสินค้า: SMC-USA

Series ATMF 8000


Direct mass flow measurement of any gas with actual gas calibration

Opto-isolated outputs, with graphic display

Tracking of overall gas consumption over a turndown ratio of at least 100:1

Up to four in-dependent switch able flow curves

high contrast photo-emissive OLED display with rate,total, temperature and graphic display

Selectable engineering units, dynamically converts the flow rate and total flow

Can measure higher velocity than any other thermal mass meter - up to 203 m/s

Display calibration milliwatt (mw) for ongoing diagonostics

Standard software available multi-curve fit programs

Low power dissipation under 2WCaptive flow condioners for insertion meters

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