Length meter CLM100

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The CLM100 Digital Cable Length Meter is an excellent tool to measure spooled cable/wire. This best seller has been upgraded with improved resolution and accuracy for reading lengths greater than 300 ft, and is able to store information for common wire types and offer six user programmable positions for custom wires. Ideal for major utility companies, electrical contractors, wholesalers, and installers where quick and accurate inventory management or measurements are needed for job accountability. Simply attach the Kelvin Clips to both ends of the cable and adjust the indicator to the size wire being measured. A temperature compensation circuit ensures accuracy by compensating for the temperature of the wire.


  • New Improved resolution to .001?, 0.5 ft.
  • New Improved accuracy to ?1% of reading for lengths
  • greater than 300 ft (100m)
  • New 6 user programmable custom wire settings
  • Measures copper and aluminum cables; covers the major
  • Wire gauges
  • Automatic temperature compensation
  • Reads in feet and meters
  • Milliohm measurement capability
  • Wire size: 26 ga 4/0 ga
  • 250 MCM 5000 MCM
  • Resistance 99.9
  • Auto off
  • Two easy-to-attach Kelvin Clip leads connect to cable
  • 22 pre-set wire gauge settings
  • Five year limited warranty

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