Air Flow Meter DS350

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specification :

Measured variables: m/h, m/min, l/min or cfm, m/s (standard: DIN 1945, ISO 1217 at 20?C and 1000 mbar) mass flow on request (kg/s, kg/min, kg/h)

Principle of measurement: calorimetric measurement

Sensor: Pt45, Pt1000

Measuring medium: Air, gases

Operating temperature: -30 ... 140C probe tube -30 ... 80C housing

Operating pressure: up to 50 bar

Analogue output: 4 ... 20 mA (max. burden < 500 Ohm) Scaling: 0 to maximum flow rate (see tables on pages 10-15) Accuracy: 0.06 mA

Pulse output: 1 pulse per m? (see pulse diagram on page 8), max. Voltage: pulse +P = +VB, active signal max. Flow l = 10 mA

Power supply: 12 to 30 VDC

Power input: max. 80 mA at 24 VDC

Accuracy: 3% m.v.

With meas. section 2% m.v. (option via 5 point ISO precision calibration) These data are just valid in connection with a measuring? Section.

Accuracy: 4% m.v.

without meas. section 3% m.v. (option via 5 point ISO precision calibration) These data are just valid in case of correctly programmed inner diameter

Display: 128 x 64 pixel, with backligth Measures values in maximum 6 digits, Counter max. up to 99,999,999 l resp. m drops then back to 0

Units: m/h (standard factory settings) selectable via software m/min, l/min, l/s, ft/min, cfm

Screw-in thread: 1/2"

Material: Probe tube and screwing: stainless steel 1,4301

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